About NIPSEA Group

The Journey of NIPSEA

NIPSEA Group was formed in 1962 when the first factory was set up in Singapore. Since then, the group has grown to be one of Asia's larger paints and coatings company. The group presently has more than 56 manufacturing facilities and operations in over 15 countries and regions.

Today, the company produces close to 1 billion litres of paints and coats annually – positioning NIPSEA Group as a preferred supplier of coating choice in Asia. This reputation is underpinned by our  over 17,000 strong workforce efficiently serving all aspects of the business, from production to customer fulfillment.

NIPSEA Management Structure

Lean For Growth

In 2013, NIPSEA Group introduced the Lean For Growth (LFG) program. Believing that real growth comes from doing the right thing, we strive to inculcate a value-driven cost consciousness to all levels of staff, eliminating waste within ourselves to bring greater value to the customer.

Lean for Growth

The Future Has A Beautiful Colour

Guided by our core values of integrity, resourcefulness and drive to achieve excellence, we have and will continue to deliver innovative products and services to protect and beautify our surroundings. Countries beyond Asia recognize Nippon Paint for its dedication to quality, dazzling innovation of products and excellent customer service. We understand and work towards the needs of our customers and continue our journey towards a world full of beauty, full of colour.