Nippon Paint places high priority on serving the best interests of society to make a real difference to people and the world. Its commitment runs much deeper than simple philanthropy and charity with Corporate Responsibility pillars conceived around a deep understanding of the communities and the environment in which the company operates.

By collaborating with local governments, business partners and NGOs, Nippon Paint is committed to localised programmes that inspire hope and empower individuals, families and communities to improve their lives in a sustainable way. Nippon Paint believes that people matter and its inclusive business model helps to generate jobs, raise incomes, impart skills and improve livelihoods in communities around Asia, thereby strengthening the local capacity for growth and progress.

Thus, while Nippon Paint ensures that its core business of protecting, beautifying and coating surfaces thrives, it invests into communities by supporting and sustaining the pillars that uphold the foundations of the business, the world and its future.

Nippon Paint’s hard work and commitment help to empower the communities and build better homes.


Nippon Paint believes that where it reaps, it should also sow. Its Corporate Responsibility strategy focuses on using its business success to impact lives. Having established itself as a leader in the coatings industry in Asia Pacific, it continues to set its sights on building a brighter future and while doing so, also pledges to include the local communities in this goal.

Thus, Nippon Paint invests its resources and its core competencies in countries where it operates, to help kindle growth and development in areas that face socio-economic challenges with its Inclusive Business approach through the three Corporate Responsibility Pillars: Education, Empowerment and Environment.

Staff from India, Malaysia, Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd., Japan and Vietnam participated in NIPSEA Group’s “Colourful Dreams Art Camp” in creating hopes of igniting a child’s love for learning and expressing themselves through colours and arts.


Providing children with access to education, safe and conducive learning environments that will help them to achieve sustained advancement for their future.


Equipping people with skills and knowledge, empowering local communities, instilling confidence and ownership to overcome challenges.


Implementing sustainable business practices that respect and protect the earth, and creating products that complement nature and care for the environment.


AYDA was first launched in 2008 as part of Nippon Paint’s vision to nurture the future generation of talents in the interior design and architecture landscape. A decade since its inception in 2008, AYDA has gained recognition from established universities, key industry leaders and associations. It has also extended its reach from a single-country competition in Malaysia to impacting over thousands of students across 15 countries in Asia Pacific.

The platform has evolved from being merely just another design competition for young talents to one that offers opportunities for young talents to engage and gain first-hand exposure to personalised coaching, mentoring and skill-building workshops alongside renowned industry practitioners within and across the borders.

As part of the ongoing learning experience for the design students, the AYDA XChange platform was mooted to facilitate the exchange of design ideas with industry captains of the architecture and interior design fields. Beyond being just a knowledge-exchange platform, the culmination of AYDA takes place at the Regional Learning Programme where the winners from each of the 15 competing countries gather to gain cross-border experiences and knowledge exchange from fellow peers and practitioners of various cultural backgrounds.

Through the years, AYDA has established a close-knit design community that is bound by a similar notion to nurture and inspire. The platform has garnered positive support from industry professionals and associations, design institutions and design students, who together have made the AYDA journey a truly enriching and inspirational journey for everyone.

Designs submitted by past AYDA participants: (Top) By Rebecca Plaza (Philippines) / (Middle) By Allaina Tariq (Pakistan) / (Bottom) By Nahja Akbar Khalid (Indonesia)