He Peng (left), vice president and chief technology officer of KDC, and Hong Jiang chief technology officer of Nipsea Group Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

Nippon Paint China and KangDe Composites Co., Ltd. (KDC) established a strategic partnership in the development of innovative coating technologies during a signing ceremony at the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on April 27.

The two companies agreed to jointly develop and maintain the advanced and market-leading coating technologies for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials and provide customers with integrated coating solutions.

Hong Jiang, the chief technology officer of Nipsea Group, the parent company of Nippon Paint China, and He Peng, vice president and chief technology officer at KDC, participated in the signing ceremony.

As the leading coating solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region, Nippon Paint is committed to breaking the boundaries of traditional coating technologies. Its corporate development strategy combines a deep understanding of local markets and global megatrends, puts emphasis on innovation and environmental protection and brings customers sustainable products with new technologies.

The strategic cooperation will enable automotive lightweighting to improve fuel efficiency and push the automotive industry toward electrification in China. The agreement is based on full compliance with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations in China and comprehensively covers the technical development of green coating materials, processing technologies and the application standards for CFRP materials. Both parties will jointly promote CFRP application in the lightweight automotive and other fields through their strong industrial networks and brand influence in the marketplace.

“Nippon Paint is the leading brand in the coating industry and is dedicated to the development of innovative and environmentally responsible coating products. KDC is the leading brand in the application of CFRPs and drives carbon fiber lightweighting material commercialization in a wide range of industries,” said Xie Fuyuan, the president of KDC.

“Green and environmental protection are at the center of strategic cooperation between the two sides. In the future, both parties will overcome the key technical challenges in CFRP application in the automotive and high-end equipment fields together.”

“China is the largest market for Nippon Paint. We have been and continue to be heavily invested in R&D (research and development) in China to create maximum value for our customers while maintaining our leading market position in China,” said Wee Siew Kim, the chief executive officer of Nipsea Group.

“The strategic partnership with KDC is a testimony to our commitment to working closely with our local Chinese partner to support the future growth and transformation of the Chinese automotive industry.”

“CFRP coating technology has always been a challenging task in the automotive and other industries,” said He at the signing ceremony. “KDC developed the Surface-RTM batch production technology to achieve Class A surfacing for CFRP auto parts. [The technology] allows the direct spray of top coat without surface treatment and significantly reduces cycle time and cost. Collaborating with Nippon Paint to optimize and upgrade the CFRP coating technology will enable us to develop market-leading CFRP Class A surface coating solutions.”

The cooperation team in KDC’s booth at Auto China 2018 in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

Hong agreed that the automotive coating systems for multi-substrates, including CFRP, clearly pose challenges for the coating industry.

“Different and unique CFRPs and their surface characteristics require new curing chemistry and formulation development to meet automotive industry standards,” he said. “Coupling our strong coating R&D capability with KDC’s expertise in CFRP development and manufacturing, we have full confidence in overcoming these surmountable technical challenges and taking a leading position in coating solutions for CFRP lightweight substrate.”

In the future, Nippon Paint will continue to deepen its cooperation in the industry value chain by providing resources and tailored professional services to create value for customers and contribute to the sustainable development of the society.

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