Guests and representatives of Nippon Paint and Wiskind at the signing and launch ceremony in Qingdao, Shandong Province during the event Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint China (Nippon Paint) participated in the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shandong Wiskind Ltd (Wiskind) and future building development forum founded in Qingdao, Shandong Province from October 18 to 19, during which Wiskind held a signing and launch ceremony as well as announcing the establishment of coil coatings joint innovation center.

By establishing the new innovation center, Nippon Paint and Wiskind, which is a domestic company with experience in processing and trading coated steel, will cooperate in many aspects including finding business opportunities, advancing technology development and commercial promotion. In order to provide high value-added solutions to clients in the construction industry, the center also acts as a bridge for thorough cooperation between painting manufacturers, coil producers, distributors, design institutes, and contractors.

The chief technology officer of Nipsea Group, which is the parent company of Nippon paint, and the president of coil coating of Nipsea Group, Hong Jiang, and the chairman of Wiskind Wei Longzhu attended the signing and launch ceremony.

According to Nippon Paint, the establishment of the joint innovation center is not only the integration of resources of both sides, but also the starting point of a win-win cooperation. In the future, the company will continue to innovate, make full use of the resource platform, create better products, provide more considerate services, and create an integrated, efficient and oriented enterprise, so as to play its duel roles and cooperate with more customers and partners.

Hong said at the event that in the context of the general trend of various industries nowadays, and as the division of labor in the industry chain becomes more and more complex, the innovation mode of the traditional single organization faces great challenges. “It must be oriented by market customers, and achieve many victories through the open and innovative mode, cooperating with upstream and downstream partners and even cross-industry and cross-field cooperation,” he said, adding that this cooperation between Nippon paint and Wiskind will integrate the resources, experience and technology of different parties in the construction color coating board market, and carry out joint innovation of the market and technology, so as to meet the demand of customers with more accurate products and create greater value for customers.

Wei said that customer demand in the color painting industry has changed, requiring suppliers to provide more comprehensive, targeted and technical solutions. “The cooperation between Wiskind and Nippon Paint’s coatings industry chain will open a new chapter of cooperation in the color coating industry,” he said, noting that he has good expectations that through this cooperation, more high-value-added products will be presented to the market.

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