Nippon Paint’s scientists, chemists and technologists are fully dedicated to extensive research in paint technologies while at the same time maintaining a fine ecological balance of protecting, beautifying and enhancing the environment. Based on its in-depth market understanding, the team produces specialised and distinctive solutions for customers’ needs, ranging from home furnishings to high-rise facades and industrial applications.

As a leader in paint and coatings technology and a creator of exceptional innovation solutions delivering high satisfaction for customers, Nippon Paint generously invests in technological development as well as product and business innovation. With meticulous attention to detail and careful consideration of customers’ needs, Nippon Paint develops its products and services to enhance industries, lives and the environment with high performing, cost friendly green products – constantly pushing new frontiers in research & development.


Nippon Paint’s expertise and detailed care in producing appealing yet safe products give consumers myriad choices when picking the right colours for their home. In order to keep homes fresh, hygienic and easy to clean, Nippon Paint’s healthy paint choices provide an added layer of comfort and protection. For interior and exterior walls, varied surfaces, and every favourite spot and cosy corner, customers use Nippon Paint’s palette of choices to create the desired mood, textures and finishing.

Credits to Interior Design Company:
SQFT Space Design Management Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia


Nippon Paint’s inventive coatings solutions and high-performance products offer urban landscapes a variety of durable and weather-resistant options. Urban planners can work with an array of colours and surface textures to enrich the visual appeal of different sections of the city – whether it is to preserve a sense of history and identity, to create a dramatic mood or a spirit of calm, or to brighten public housing.

Vinhomes Central Park:
One of Nippon Paint’s Architecture projects
The most luxury apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam near the Saigon River and the largest park in the city. Developer is the Vingroup – a popular hospitality investor and real estate developer.
(Targeted to complete in Year 2018)


For thousands of industrial manufacturers, Nippon Paint provides hardy and lasting solutions. For products ranging from bridges, ships, fuel pipes and chemical tanks to furniture and disk drives, Nippon Paint’s protective coatings preserve the durability and enhance performance of the products. Nippon Paint helps industries deal with the most challenging of natural and man-made conditions – humidity and UV radiation, organic and chemical contamination, deep-sea corrosion and extensive usage.


In the highly competitive automotive segment, Nippon Paint constantly sets new industry standards in coating motor vehicles, presenting a total service solution for automobile manufacturers with a strong client base from Asia, Europe and North America.

Nippon Paint supplies an entire paint system for motor vehicles, with an extensive range of automotive products including surface treatment chemicals, protective base-coats, intermediate coats and sparkling top-coats. As a leader in innovation, Nippon Paint continually refines and upgrades its products to offer the widest possible range of new, versatile and eco-friendly solutions.

Nippon Paint created the advanced, brighter, stronger shade of SOUL RED – its latest colour developed in cooperation with Mazda, balancing quality and design with workability performance.


Amazing and delighting its customers; envisaging before a need is articulated – that is the speciality of Nippon Paint. Customers know they can count on Nippon Paint’s premium products for tasks ranging from adorning homes to protecting monuments, from enhancing on land to conquering the oceans. Thus, Nippon Paint’s pledge to customers is to boldly challenge the cutting edge to develop solutions that would meet their needs. Even where there are distinctive and extra special requirements, Nippon Paint continues to provide customers with fitting and unique solutions from its rich store of diverse and versatile products.