The heart of the company lies in its people and the passion they dedicate everyday into driving the business forward. This is why the company makes supporting them in their career objectives one of its top priorities.

By fostering a dynamic and challenging environment that is rich in learning experiences, NIPSEA Group has been able to attract some of the most talented and diverse professionals in the industry. Employees are empowered in their decisions and each of them has participated in their own ways to preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the company and its origins, and turning the company into the thriving business it is today.


With over 61 manufacturing facilities and operations in 16 countries, NIPSEA Group has built an incredibly diverse and culturally rich community. The company brings together over 21,000 employees and represents numerous backgrounds, unique cultures and ethnicities. The diversity in strength has helped to build an accepting and welcoming environment in NIPSEA Group, pulsating with life, innovation and cultural exchange, where everyone has a voice and a chance to contribute.

With its continuous efforts in building a positive cultural foundation within the company over the years, today, it is able to offer uniquely textured approaches to its markets. Inspired by the colourful canvas of its employees, NIPSEA Group will continue to strive for tolerance and acceptance – turning differences into strength and diversity into inspiration.

It is NIPSEA Group’s commitment to continue encouraging each of its employees to realise their full potential and build rewarding careers.


Involvement in the society, corporate responsibility and community outreach are part of the NIPSEA Group’s DNA. As such, the company takes pride in partnering its people to directly engage and positively impact their communities for shared successes. With a wide array of impactful and innovative outreach programmes and initiatives, its people can find their way to contribute their time and talent in the construction of a better, brighter and happier world – full of colours, dreams and opportunities in places where they live and operate in.


The diligence and resourcefulness of its people makes Nippon Paint more than a household name today. NIPSEA Group’s people are its most prized assets. Assuring its customers of the highest safety benchmarks for its products, NIPSEA Group also applies equally exacting standards in safeguarding its people’s health and well-being. Staff are well equipped for safe, meaningful and productive work. They are strongly supported by stringent measures and systematic training to prevent or deal with risks that may arise in the whole range of work they do, such as in handling hazardous substances, managing emergencies and protecting themselves in outdoor and overseas assignments.